Executive Secretary-Treasurer  – Josie Camacho, CWA 39521
President – Yvonne Williams, ATU 192
1st Vice President – Martha Kuhl, CNA
2nd Vice President – Gary Jimenez, SEIU 1021
Sergeant-at-Arms – Tony Lam, SMWIA 104

Executive Committee

Michael Blair, IAFF 55
Doug Bloch, IBT JC 7
Greg Bonato, IBEW 595
Keith Brown, OEA
Cathy Campbell, AFT 1078
Andreas Cluver, Roofers/BTC
Don Crosatto, IAM 1546
Adolph Felix, IBT 853

Chris Finn, ATU 192
Kim Geron, CFA 1983
Keith Gibbs, CWA 9412
Eugenia Gutierrez, SEIU USWW
Emilio Hernandez, IUPAT DC 16
Wei-Ling Huber, UNITE HERE 2850
Calvin Johnson, SEIU 2015
Terry Keller, OPEIU 29

Byong Kim, IAFF 689
Brian Lester, OE 3
Maricruz Manzanarez, AFSCME 3299
Michael Seville, AFSCME DC 57
Hunter Stern, IBEW 1245
Obray Van Buren, UA 342
Cindy Zecher, CSEA 27


Joyce Lau, OPEIU 29
Bill Schechter, IAM 1546


Executive Secretary-Treasurer – Josie Camacho, (510) 632-4242 x107,, CWA 39521
Community Services Director – Eleanor Angeles (510) 632-4242 x106,, CWA 39521
Political / Staff Director – Liz Ortega-Toro (510) 632-4242 x105,, CWA 39521
Office Manager – Vicki Crenshaw, (510) 632-4242 x103,, OPEIU 29

Executive Secretary-Treasurer: The full-time officer who runs the Council’s daily operations, such as
implementing policy, serving as spokesperson, managing staff and finances, and directing programs.

President: Presides over the Labor Council’s monthly Delegates meetings, chairs the Executive Committee
meetings, and represents the Council. The president is an ex-officio member of each committee.

1st and 2nd Vice Presidents: Preside in the President’s absence, participate in leadership functions and
assume other responsibilities. The 1st VP chairs Legislative Committee, 2nd VP chairs Credentials Committee.

Executive Committee: The steering committee of the Labor Council includes 23 at-large members in
addition to the officers. The committee meets monthly to prepare policy recommendations to the Delegate
Body; review and recommend action to the Delegates as may be necessary; act on Labor Council business
between meetings of the delegates; and engage in long-term planning for the Council.

Trustees: Regularly examine the financial records of the Executive Secretary Treasurer. We elect three to
review all receipts, bills, and disbursements, and periodically report their findings to the Delegates.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Collects attendance records at Delegates meetings and assists the chair in maintaining
proper order and function in the Labor Council meetings.